Kings County (Brooklyn) Traffic Tickets

Feifer & Greenberg, LLP can help with traffic tickets, driver license and other related matters anywhere in New York State. We regularly appear on such matters throughout Kings County (Brooklyn) and NYC. If you have been issued a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket in Kings County (Brooklyn), or have questions about your driver license related to issues in Kings County (Brooklyn), please feel free to contact our firm. We’d be happy to provide a free consultation.

Kings County Supreme Court – Criminal Term
320 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Kings County Supreme Court – Civil Term
360 Adams St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brookly Criminal Court
120 Schermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Red Hook Community Justice Center
88-94 Visitation Place
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Brooklyn North Traffic Violations Bureau
625 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Brooklyn South Traffic Violations Bureau
2875 W Eighth St.
Brooklyn, NY 11224