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If you’ve been issued a New York City traffic ticket at the Traffic Violation Bureau or ticket answerable to any of the local New York State traffic courts throughout the state, we may be able to help.  We can fight your speeding ticket, disobey traffic control device ticket, cell phone ticket, reckless driving ticket, any other NY traffic ticket or suspended license issue.

Our advice is free and our assessment of your case, good or bad, is always open and honest.
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Why Choose Us To Fight Your New York
Speeding Ticket
Cell Phone Ticket
Reckless Driving Ticket
Traffic Control Device Ticket
Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Ticket
Traffic Tickets

It's Easy

Traffic tickets in Queens or Brooklyn or anywhere in NYS…the process is the same. From your consultation through the conclusion of your case we will make fighting your New York traffic ticket simple and stress-free.

It Works

Traffic ticket lawyers fight traffic tickets to avoid license points, insurance increases and potential driver license suspension. We will use our experience and knowledge and do everything we can to help our clients beat a NY traffic ticket.

Know Your Court

Speeding tickets in Queens or Brooklyn, cell phone tickets in Manhattan or Bronx, (all NYC traffic tickets at the TVB) are handled one way. Traffic tickets in Nassau County, Broome County, Erie County, etc. (all local town, village, county courts) are handled another way.

Know Your Lawyer

Not every NY traffic ticket lawyer is the same. Our fully staffed traffic law firm and focused, experience vehicle and traffic law attorneys work together to make sure your traffic ticket case is handled courteously and competently.


Thanks for all of your help in this matter! I will definitely refer your services to anyone else who may need your assistance. My driving record will remain clean and this verdict will not affect my car insurance rates.

Susan M

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